Virus-Free Disinfection Services – COVID-19

Do you need disinfection services for your school, office or warehouse? Protect your staff and clients from the spread of viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19 – Call us now!  0427 750 668

Our professional cleaning services will take care of your workplace. We can either do daily cleaning of all touchpoints or a precautionary full clean of your workplace. We guarantee peace of mind for you, your staff and your clients maintaining a safe virus free environment.

Our touch point cleaning services include:

  • Light switches
  • Power points
  • Door handles and push panels
  • Alarm keypads
  • Push buttons to exit doors
  • Fronts and handles of microwave ovens
  • Computer keyboards and mouse
  • Fridge doors and handles
  • Cupboard door handles
  • Drink and food dispenser panels
  • Coffee machines
  • Dishwasher handles
  • Hand soap and hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Telephone handsets
  • Rubbish bin lids
  • Hand towel dispensers
  • Toilet doors – back and front doors and handles
  • Stair handrails
  • Lift control panels
  • Tops of workstation partitions
  • Window ledges
  • Machinery control panels
  • Office chairs

Call us today so we can organise tailor cleaning services for your workplace.