1.  MOTIVATION AND PERFORMANCE OF WORKERS IS IMPROVED Whether you are a School, Medical Centre, or Commercial business, your workers spend over eight hours a day in the workplace.  Your staff, your clients or customers spend considerable time in your space as well so walking into a messy and dirty […]

5 Reasons Why a Clean Work Environment is Important

Not all offices are the same, some are extra hectic during Christmas/New Year and others close down for a break.  This is a perfect time to look at your cleaning needs.  Some things to think about if you’re closing down for a period of time: The Office Fridge……is it clean […]

Office Cleaning Tips for the Holiday Season

We at B2B Commercial Cleaning  don’t mind getting our hands dirty so you and your staff work in a clean and safe workspace.  Productivity increases when people work in a safe and clean environment. Without regular cleaning a company’s reputation and staff morale can be affected.  Having a regular cleaning […]

3 Benefits of a Regular Office Cleaning Service

Our professional cleaning services will take care of your workplace. From touchpoints or a precautionary full clean of your workplace, we guarantee peace of mind for our clients. Our touch point cleaning services include: Light switches Power points Door handles and push panels Alarm keypads Push buttons to exit doors […]

Virus – Free Disinfection Services

Your carpets are the first thing your clients and staff notice from a visual view point. Many offices spend thousands of dollars a year on cleaning their offices but neglect their carpets. Professionally cleaning your carpets helps your business in many ways. Your staff will be happy working in a […]

Don’t neglect your carpets